• Josh Carmody

I just RAN 20 miles.

It's true. I just ran 20 miles.

I know that some of you are asking yourself, "Who was chasing you?" And others opt for the simpler question of "Why?"

This is a question that I ask myself each and every time I run a long distance! WHY AM I DOING THIS!? Also, why am I not running on a beach? Oh yea...Iowa.

I have two reasons to run:

1. It has improved my health.

2. I signed up (with a friend) to run a marathon on October 16th in Des Moines, IA.

As a diabetic, it is important that I focus on diet, exercise, and if necessary medication to keep my blood sugar levels in check. The good news here is that I am fine tuning my diet and am actually reducing some of the medication that I take! Yes, you may applaud for that. So on to exercise it is. And running, as it turns out, is a wonderful form of exercise! No seriously. It's true. Running helps keep my heart healthy and my body happy - if only my face would show it while running. Seriously tho, there are pictures. I look like I am in pain. Or constipated. Or maybe in pain from being constipated? You get the idea. It's bad.

3 months ago I signed up with a friend to run this marathon. This has become one of my main motivations to run. Most SATURDAYS I get up between 4:30AM and 5:30AM to eat, stretch, and prepare myself to run for 2-3.5hrs. I am not sure that the health benefits alone could pull my 175lb self out of my warm, cozy, Tempurpedic, and overall amazingly, wonderfully delightful bed. The reason I get out of that bed is because I know that my buddy is waiting on me to run with him. No, he's counting on me to run with him. This makes running 20 (and soon 26.2) miles possible. My desire to not let my friend down drives me to put the work in and do something that I probably couldn't do on my own.

Life is Better Together.

Don't believe me?

Recovering addicts recover faster and stay sober longer when they have a sponsor/mentor/friend who is there for them.

Walks along the beach (there it is again) are better hand-in-hnad with the one you love or with friends to laugh and talk with.

Difficult situations are easier to go through when people are praying for you and walking with you.

Do you get the idea?

Life is Better Together!!!

How about you? Do you agree that life is better together? Share an experience where SOMEONE did SOMETHING that made a DIFFERENCE in your life!

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