• Josh Carmody

Now, where did my mind go?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Now, where did my mind go?

My wife Alicia asked that a few times every day while she was pregnant. Apparently unborn babies have a way of turning their beautiful mothers brains into mush. She often described it by saying, "I can't think right now, there is a baby growing inside of me and feeding off of my brain." I know, I know, slow down on the scientific terminology. Noted.

Once our beautiful children were brought into this world and my wife and I began the process of raising them, something else happened. They started to "sponge" off of BOTH of our brains! That's right! They want us to do ALL the thinking for them. My daughter, now 7, will bring me a book, that she is capable of reading, and will ASK ME to read it to her. I just look her in those beautiful blue eyes and say, "Sure, whatever you want." Again, sponging off of my brain.

But today my mind feels like it has wandered far away. I have been searching for it all morning but so far nothing. It has something to do with the conference that I went to along with some of the staff from the church.

This conference was far away which meant lots of traveling - 36 hours total to be exact. It also meant a little bit of sleep deprivation. In fact, one night I slept on the floor. The next night I wisened up and slept on a mattress, which deflated. The final night I decided that the mattress would probably stay inflated if I were to screw the cap in tightly. Who knew?

Despite all of that, I think it was the conference itself that cause my mind to wander on me. It caused my mind to turn to mush. It was nobody's intention for this to happen, it's just what happens when you are told "you will be drinking from a fire hose over the next few days." There was so much information. So much GOOD information. And to be honest...it pumped me up! It also exhausted my brain.

It's true, my mind is a bit foggy right now. I know that the fogginess will soon subside and I will find some knowledge in this brain of mine. Some of what was said is still rolling around up there in my noggin and waiting for me to grab ahold of it. I'm excited for what I learned and more importantly how I can apply it to my life and ministry.

Everyday I see my kids and how they are turning out to be a couple of amazing people. My wife and I might feel like we are losing our minds from time to time, but it is totally worth it when I look into the eyes of my kids.

The sleep deprivation, long road trip, and 3 straight days of sitting and listening will benefit my life, and those around me, for a long time. As I remember and apply simple truths to my life I will be thankful for the time when my head was foggy, mushy, and wandering away from me.

When was the last time you asked yourself, "Now, where did my mind go?"

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