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What does a Pastor Do anyway!? (Part 4)

Welcome back to "What does a Pastor DO anyway!?" Tuesday, October 25th, is the fourth installment and I have to say that this has been one wild ride. I could barely type that without a little chuckle. Ok, it hasn't been wild. It's been fun for me to write out my typical week...I have wanted to do this for some time now.

7:15am-11:15am: When I arrived to the church this morning, I spent some time putting things away from Sunday and tidying up my office. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to concentrate/focus when my office is a mess. I am sure there is some medical term for this but if my surroundings are cluttered my brain feels equally cluttered and disheveled. Can anyone relate to this? Please say yes.

Tuesdays are days for me to update the church's website and add this week's podcast. The website is a place where you can always watch archived messages, give tithes, and do so many other things as well. You can check out the website at ncccfd.org.

I spent an hour meeting with a couple of the staff members about the mission and vision of NCCC and the departments that they oversee.

11:15am-12pm: Home for lunch. Normally I stay at the church, but today I went home and ate a delicious salad!

12pm-3:15pm: I am back from lunch and answering some emails, making phone calls and making some coffee!

Every Tuesday at 1 pm we have a staff meeting. During this 1-2 hour meeting we generally have a staff devotional/book that we are studying and discussing. We also go through our calendars and talk about past event as well as upcoming events. We spend time praying for people in the congregation and we write hand-written postcards to all of our guests from the past weekend as well as to those who received salvation during a weekend service. We end our meetings in a time of prayer.

5:00-6:45pm: I was asked to help out at Icky's. Icky's is the youth center in Fort Dodge that was started by 7 churches. It is going well and there were a lot of kids hanging out tonight!

Total hours logged: 9

Thats a wrap for Part 4!

Check back tomorrow for Part 5 of What does a pastor DO anyway!?

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