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What does a Pastor DO anyway!? (Part 5)

It's Wednesday, October 26th! Here's what my day (and office, pictured above) looked like:

7:15am-10:30am: I spent the morning preparing for Sunday's sermon. It is All Church Sunday this week and that means that EVERYONE is in the sanctuary together for worship and teaching! Infants to 80 year olds will all be worshiping together - what FUN!

10:30am-11:00am: I have been mentoring a young man through the Fort Dodge public school system for eight years now. Today is the first time that I was suppose to meet with him this year. It's always good to get out of the office and spend time hanging out with people outside of the church. Unfortunately, he was absent from school today. Bummer.

11am-3:15pm: I ate lunch here at the church today since I leave at 3. This afternoon I continued to work on plans for this Sunday. I also spent time looking ahead to the rest of the year and even into January of next year. As you probably know, I will become the Lead Pastor on January 8th, 2017, and so there is a lot that of thought and prayer going into that.

What am I thinking and praying about? Good question.

I am thinking and praying about a lot of things. Specifically these areas: Moxie (5th-12th grades specifically), sermon series ideas, overall vision for the church, and staff/administrative things. Basically, stuff that is done behind the scenes. These are things that you probably won't hear me talking about from the pulpit - except the sermon series. It's part of what I do that most people don't see. Praying and coming up with a game-plan is very important and takes up a good portion of my time each week.

Total hours logged: 8

What did I do with the rest of my day? Well...I ran 4 miles, lifted (biceps/back), played with the kids, ate supper, movie night with the fam, sold some stuff on eBay, and hung out with my wife! Great day!

Check back tomorrow for part 6 of "What does a Pastor DO anyway!?"

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