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What does a Pastor DO anyway!? (Part 7)

It's the last day for "What does a pastor DO anyway!?" It's been fun blogging every day about what I do during the week as a pastor. I hope it was enjoyable for you and maybe I will try it again sometime!

Here is what I did on Friday, October 28th.

7:30am-1pm: Today I talked with Caleb, who does our video announcements, and finalized what we need to announce this weekend. I also made the video that plays in the foyer of the church. This video is another way to get the word out to everyone about the upcoming events happening in our church.

I also created a picture for the bulletin. It is fun for me to make graphics and to design flyers, postcard, banners, etc. If you ever need help with some graphics or a design, get ahold of me.

Since it's Friday, I spend some time making sure that I finish my checklist for this week. Some people may find checklists dorky, but they really help me prioritize my time and ensure that everything gets done that need to get done. If there are items left unfinished, they are transferred to next weeks list!

It was a short day today because I am getting my haircut at 1:15, have a thing at the school for my kids at 2, and leaving for Des Moines at 3:15 for a wedding/reception!

Total hours logged: 5.5

Total hours logged this week: 47

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