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Zophar The Expert

I've been reading in the book of Job (long "o") and it's always an interesting read for me. It starts out by angels, and the devil, standing before God giving an account of what they have been doing. Imagining this scene happening is of interest to me but it is a topic for another day.

God basically says to the devil, "Hey, have you seen how awesome my friend Job is?" He is so devoted to me!" To which the devil responds, "Well yeah, you treat him like the family pet! Life's too easy for him!" So God told the devil he could do what he wanted with all that Job had, but not to harm Job. The devil went ahead and destroyed Job's family and livestock - most everything that he owned!

Job still remained devoted to God and full of integrity. The devil asked God if he could take away Job's health and God said, "You can do what you like with him. But mind you, don't kill him" (Job 2:6 MSG). The devil attacked job with sores, ulcers and scabs from head to toe. Job was a mess. His wife even confronted him and told him to curse God and die. What a peach. If that wasn't bad enough, Job's three "friends" showed up for a visit.

Eliphaz, Bildad, and Shuhah were quiet for about a week. Then they decided it was time to give Job some advice. The things about there advice though, is that it was awful. I mean bad. Real bad. So bad that when God begins to speak to Job and his friends he starts out with "Why do you talk without knowing what you're talking about?" (Job 38:2). In fact, Job became a little upset with his friends. Look at what he says in Job 12:1 as an answer to his buddy Zophar:

"Job answered: 'I’m sure you speak for all the experts, and when you die there’ll be no one left to tell us how to live.'"

I literally laughed out loud the other day when I read this. I can just imagine Job, in a sarcastic tone, answering his friend Zophar in this way. This verse reminded me that there are some out there who really think they speak for all the experts. They learned something once and it's forever true. You can't convince them otherwise. They learned it 20 years ago and it still must be true today.

There are some who truly believe that they should be the one to tell everyone how to live. They know everything, have been through everything, and have the final say on everything. Kind of annoying, right? We can all think of someone who thinks they are an expert at something because of what they think they know.

But what about when the shoe is on the other foot? Have you ever been that person? I know that I've been guilty of doing this from time-to-time and it is not pretty. My pride and arrogance get in the way and I find myself judging others and telling them how to live.

What about you? Have you ever been driven crazy by that "friend" who knows everything? Maybe you have been that person who tried to tell everyone how to live because you know you are right! Share your comments below!

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