• Josh Carmody

The Table.

In my dining room is an espresso brown, Ikea made, expandable dining room table. It's not fancy. It was actually cheap. That was the most enticing feature about the table. It's made of the finest particle board and the wood-like veneer is an absolute marvel. Seriously. The Table is cheap. It's dinged up and beat up. I am pretty sure both of my kids thought it would be a good idea to chew on it a few times. Not sure why, but that's obviously what children do!

In all honesty, my favorite thing about this table has nothing to do with the construction of the table or how much "character" it has. My favorite thing about this table is the PEOPLE who gather around it.

My wife and kids, family, old friends, new friends, and people I hardly know sit around this table with me for one specific reason. It's absolutely what you are thinking: To eat of course!

Over the last month Alicia and I have been intentional about sharing our table with others. Simply put, we have been inviting people over once or twice per week and having supper together.

Some of the people we know well and for others it may be the first time we are having a lengthy, meaningful conversation together. It IS awesome. It IS fun. It IS NOT expensive to do. It IS NOT an inconvenience. It IS NOT hard to do.

So how about you? Have you been sharing your table with others? If not, would you be open to the idea? Discuss below if you would like.

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