• Josh Carmody

Late is NOT Great.

I am sitting in an office, not my own, waiting for a meeting to start that was suppose to begin 24 minutes ago. Waiting is not a huge deal for me. I often spend time waiting because I like to show up early to meetings.

Somewhere, during my life, the idea of showing up early to meetings and events is the best way to go. I'm not talking hours, we all know those folks, but maybe 3-5 minutes. In fact, I set my clock in my car two minutes ahead and use that to determine my arrival time.

26 minutes now.

Sitting here I am asking myself a question. What do I communicate when I am late?

1. I have an emergency. Cars break down. There was an accident or lots of traffic. The baby's diaper "exploded" all over the car seat and a stop was imminent. Stuff like that. Emergencies are forgiven. Annoying nonetheless, but definitely understandable.

2. I am unorganized, frazzled, and always in a rush. Have you ever misjudged how long it would take you to get somewhere? Or have you ever shown up to the wrong place? This happens due to being unorganized and always on the go. You aren't trying to be disrespectful to others in this case, you just have a hard time coping with the stress of life.

3. What I am doing is more important than everything and everyone else. This is the one that I have the biggest issue with. People put there life on hold, work on days off, put in an extra effort, and by showing up late you take that goodness for granted.

It's been 37 minutes. By now I would generally be gone. That's it, I'm out. But today the circumstance is different. This is a meeting that can be done on the phone, but it's best done in person. Today I choose to still show love and compassion towards others even if I feel that they do not deserve it.

40 minutes and counting.

Happy Monday everyone!

UPDATE: After 45 minutes, I decided to call it quits. This meeting would have been best in person, but it looks like there will be follow-up phone calls instead. Ah well, such is life.

UPDATE #2: The people did finally show up...1 hour and 35 minutes late! Just thought you would want to know.

What do you think being late communicates to others?

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