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It's a Monday thing.

2017 was a great year!

It had ups, downs, twists, turns and definitely played out differently for each and every one of us!

There were some great things that happened to me and my family this year...

1. I became the lead pastor of New Covenant! It's been fun, challenging, rewarding and sometimes frustrating! I feel like I have a better grasp on the position heading into 2018. New Covenant had been lead by a wonderful couple for over 30 years, and no I'm not just saying that because they are my parents, and the transition is a process! A process that is going very well.

2. I finally punched diabetes in the face! I went to a specialist this year who CORRECTLY diagnosed me as a Type 1 LADA. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but having a correct diagnosis is a WONDERFUL thing! I am on the right meds, the right diet and exercise program, and I feel great! My A1C (diabetic lingo for how much sugar hangs out in my blood) has been 6.3 all year!!! That's down from 8.4! Think of it this way...the higher the A1C the more unhealthy I become longterm. So lower is better. Like limbo. How low can I go!? God is good!

3. My wife and I were licensed to be foster parents and have already had some kiddos in our home! Talk about a process! This process stretched from January through October. It was a long and very eye-opening experience. Having kiddos in our home has been rewarding, scary, fun, overwhelming, and wonderful in way too many ways to express right now.

Don't be fooled, there were also some things that didn't go so well this past year. But the truth is this: there is nothing I can do to change what happened in 2017. Good or bad. I cannot go back in time and make changes. I have to move forward.

We all do.

That's why the new year is so exciting for all of us! We continue to move forward with all that God has for us! Was 2017 terrible? Then believe that 2018 will be better! Was 2017 great! Then believe that 2018 can be even better!

2018 is HERE! What will you do with it?

Here's one thing I'm doing with 2018. I'm posting something to this blog EVERY Monday. Yep. The guy who posted a handful of times last year is going to have a new post up every Monday! I am committed to doing this and you can hold me accountable. If you don't see a post show up, send me an email reminding me to get with it!

So how about you? What are you doing with the new year? What are you committing to do in 2018? Feel free to comment below!

Until Monday,


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