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Time For a Checkup

August 2011 is a month that sticks out to me because this was the month that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was 29 years old and a whopping 160lbs, on a 6'2" frame, when I was diagnosed with an "incurable" disease. Not my favorite month.

During the months and years that followed, I tried my best to keep this stubborn disease at bay. That worked for a year or two but for the most part, I felt like a failure. I decided to work out and eat better. Still, it was not enough. My A1C test, which shows the amount of sugar in blood cells during a 90-100 day period, slowly and steadily rose to above 8.

To put this number into perspective for you I will give you some background. I was at an A1C of 14.2 when originally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. People die from heart attacks and strokes around the 15-18 mark. I got all the way down to 6.5 a year later. Praise God! However, it was difficult to maintain and slowly rose to above 8. The American Diabetes Association recommends keeping your A1C below 7 for optimal health - optimal for a diabetic anyway.

I decided in December of 2016 that this was enough. I was sick of failing. I was sick of not being in optimal health. I was frustrated and annoyed. I was mad at this sickness and all that it represented. So I asked to see a specialist.

The specialist ran 19 tests on me and took 12 vials of blood! She was thorough! She also found out that I wasn't a type 2 diabetic but a type 1! I began insulin therapy (5 shots/day) and my A1C has been 6.3 for a year! I praise God for that!

I feel great! I'm still 6'2" but approaching 200lbs. I am in the best shape of my life. I am able to run faster and lift more than ever! God has blessed me physically and He has blessed me with a great specialist to help me along the way!

Thirty days ago my specialist quit.

On Wednesday, I go see a new one.

You know what stays constant in life? God's faithfulness.

People come and people go. Diseases flare up and make you miserable for no reason. The world throws curveballs. Life is always changing. Things don't always make sense.



It's time for a checkup. I will go through some tests and give some blood away. The nurse and doctor will ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them. But do you know what I have to do first? I have to check-in. I have to check-in at the doctor's office before the doctor will see me.

Do you know what keeps me sane through all of these changes? My daily check-in and checkup with the God who created me. I have a life to live. Dealing with diabetes has shown me that life is precious and every day matters. Checking in with the doctor is a good thing for me to do but checking in with God is a daily necessity.

That reminds me, why are you still reading this? It's time for a checkup.

Until Monday,


UPDATE 01/31/18

I went to the new specialist today and my A1C is still 6.3! He also said that I am very healthy and will probably only need his services for the next 6 months! From there I will see my primary/family doctor! Praise God for a clean bill of health!

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