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Everything I think and say makes perfect sense...to me.

*Disclaimer: Please read the whole post, or you will think I am a whiner. Thanks. Proceed with caution.

I sit here writing this post today while snow is gently falling to the ground. I enjoy the snow, and I am sure my kids will be excited to play in it after they get out of school. There will be 4-5" of snow on the ground when the snow stops falling, and that is probably the most snow that has fallen at one time this year!

My kids and I will probably make some snow angels and play in the snow. Then, of course, our coats will have to be washed. Why? Because under that snow is where my dog has been going to the bathroom. Yes, this is a problem. Frozen or not, dog poo on the coat is unpleasant. But I digress. Back to the snow storm.

There have been other snow storms this year, and the schools will start late, get out early, or cancel for the day. Not today. School is in session all day. A few weeks ago the schools canceled because of "predicted winter weather conditions." Know what happened that day? Nothing. Ok, maybe a few flurries. Today the roads are covered with snow, it's blowing, and the temperature is dropping. Know what the school does? Nothing! So let me get this straight in my head. No snow, no school. Lots of snow, all day at school. Make sense? No.

Now here's why I asked you to keep reading.

I am not the one that makes decisions to cancel school or to keep it open. I am also not liable for the safety of the kids who go to school. Someone makes the decisions and has the responsibility to keep the kids safe. They have a big responsibility! Do I want that responsibility? No. No, I do not. So why do I find myself having such a strong opinion about why things are the way they are? Especially since these things are out of my control and complaining about them will not do any good anyway!

Well, that's easy. I already know the answer to that question.

Everything I think and say makes perfect sense.

Now wait a minute, that doesn't sound right. I think I may have left a few words out. What were those words again? Oh yeah, I remember. Let me try that again.

Everything I think and say makes perfect sense...to me.

I don't know why the school makes the choices they make - it makes perfect sense to them I am sure. Just like the things I say and do make perfect sense to me.

What am I getting at in all of this? Maybe we need more empathy in our lives. Instead of always wanting to be right and expecting other people to agree with us (because we know our way is the best way and the right way), why don't we try to understand what other people are thinking? Simon Sinek said this about empathy,

"We must try to empathize before we criticize. Ask someone what's wrong before telling them they are wrong."

Human nature is to criticize and find fault with others. It's sad but true. Instead of criticizing, let's empathize. Who, or what, are you critical about? Have you stopped and tried to think about this from a different perspective? Maybe they have a great and logical reason behind what they do. Then again, maybe they don't! I don't know. The point is that you will never know if you don't show empathy.

Try to understand something, or someone, from a different perspective today. Try to understand someone else and why they think and act the way that they do. Put aside your own desire to be right and listen to others. After all, isn't that what you want others to do for you?

Think about it.

Until Monday, Josh

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