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Happy Anniversary to YOU!

Today is March 12th, 2018 and my wife and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage! Just to be clear, when I say the word "celebrate" what I mean is that we are home with kids who are feeling under the weather. Because of this, we will be celebrating in a couple of weeks when we have date night. That's right, after 13 years of marriage Alicia and I still go on date nights. I think this will help us have many more anniversaries in the future!

I think that celebrating anniversaries is a great idea. Whether it's a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your birth (also known as a birthday of course), the anniversary of sobriety, the anniversary of starting a job, anniversaries are a good thing to celebrate!

I know that every 4th of July I celebrate our nation's independence. How exactly do I celebrate the 4th of July? I hang out with extended family, go to a parade, eat delicious food, go to a carnival, and watch stuff explode in the air. Good times.

My question for you today is what anniversaries do you celebrate and what do you do to celebrate?

If you have some time, please write your thoughts below and share a certain anniversary and your plans for that day. That would be cool.

Until Monday, Josh

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Update: I also realize that some anniversaries are not happy ones. How do you find hope and peace during these times?

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