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Need Focus? Like FREE Stuff? This Post Is For You!

In a post that I wrote earlier this year I had mentioned that I would be reading almost 30 books this year. I don't want to read these books for information only, but for transformation as well. Someone asked what my strategy would be for accomplishing this goal - besides the obvious "read two to three books per month." I was glad that they asked so that I could tell all of you all about a tremendous resource I have been using this year.

It's called "The Full Focus Planner."

I am not writing today to do a review of the FFP (Full Focus Planner) and no one is giving me any money to talk about this product. The FFP is something that I found online late last year and decided to order a copy for myself. I was looking online for a process where I could write down my goals/ideas and accomplish them. What I found was not an online, digital solution but a pen and paper, analog solution.

It seems like in the past I would write down my ideas, goals, and dreams but always had a hard time following through. Year after year the same goal would show up. Year after year it would be virtually ignored. One of these goals was writing this blog - which I have done for the last 12 Mondays in a row! Yay! Why have I been successful this year and not in years past? Partly because of the FFP.

My list of books to read grows exponentially every single year. Why am I able to get through them this year? Why am I on track to read almost 3 books a month and also implement the information found in them? Because the FFP is helping me to stay focused and on task with the goals that I set for myself.

It helps me focus and gives me clarity for the day ahead.

The premise of this planner is simple: What goals do I have for this year? What 3 things do I need to do this week to accomplish these goals on time? What 3 things do I need to do today? There is more to this planner, but that is basically the process.

I have already finished one goal, close to finishing the second and am well on my way with three other goals for the year! I am so excited about the progress I am making this year! So excited in fact that I want to GIVE ONE planner away!

You heard that right. I want to give away a Full Focus Planner!

Why would I do that? Because it has been an amazing tool for me this year and I hope it can help you clarify and accomplish your goals as well! You probably have a few things that you want to get to "someday." Well, today is the day!

Before I tell you how you can win the planner, you may first want to learn more about the planner by going to the FFP website. This will show you what the planner looks like and how it is used. Who knows, you might not even want to enter - maybe planners aren't your thing! https://fullfocusplanner.com/

Here are the guidelines for this giveaway (sweepstakes): 1. ONE (1) Full Focus Planner (Valued at $39.99) will be given away and no purchase is necessary to enter. 2. Anyone OVER 18 in the Continental United States may enter. I will not ship out of the country or to Alaska or Hawaii. 3. The deadline for entering the sweepstakes is 2pm (central time) on March 26th, 2018. 4. Enter to win by: Subscribing to the blog OR send an email to josh@clearlycarmody.com with your first and last name. 5. I will choose the winner randomly - each entry will be assigned a number by order of entry and a number will then be chosen at random.

Have fun and good luck!

Until Monday, Josh

By the way, If you decide that you would like to buy a planner or a subscription please enjoy this 15% off coupon: http://michaelhyatt.refr.cc/joshcarmody

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