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And The Winner Is...

Before I tell you who won the Full Focus Planner, I want to mention one more thing about this planner that has been very helpful to me. You can do this one thing whether you have the planner or not. It is very simple and basic but requires effort on your part. This one thing gives you a positive start to your day.

I am talking about a routine.

Now hold on for one minute. Don’t stop reading or unsubscribe just yet. I know we don’t like hearing the words routine or rituals because we think they lead to ruts. It’s true, they can lead to being stuck in a rut but they can also be useful in our daily life.

Let me explain my morning ritual and why it is useful to me. I wake up at 5:25 am every day (maybe missed this 5 times so far this year). I make coffee (obviously), take emergen-C, and down a glass of water. I take my coffee and read my bible for fun and reflection. I don’t study the Bible to find my next message during this time, I read it and interact with it. I pray and journal. I look over my day and make notes on what I need to do. After this, it’s time to get ready for work. I say hey to my family, give them hugs and kisses and I’m off to the office. I’m in the office at 7 am and get an hour of uninterrupted work time.

My morning routine is 95 minutes long. My morning routine has enabled me to get a jump start on my day and it gives me energy and encouragement for the day!

I also have a work startup routine, a work shutdown routine, and a nighttime routine (which is my weakest one at this point).

My encouragement to you this week is to find a routine that works for you. How do you want to start your day? Figure this out and do it! What routines have you implemented and what have you found to be the benefits?

Until Monday, Josh

I almost forgot! I need to announce the winner of the Full Focus Planner! I took all of the emails and new subscribers and put them on a list. I assigned each one a number based on the order I received them. I asked my kids to pick a number and they chose lucky number 4! Congratulations Brian B! You are the winner!

Thanks everybody for participating and have a great week!

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