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Want More Time In Your Week? Give This A Try.

Do you ever get to the end of your day, or week, and wonder where all of your time went? Does this weeks to-do list look a whole lot like last weeks? Do you find that your life is more complicated even though the technology around you is supposed to simplify your life? Maybe you find yourself saying "I'm too busy" or "ain't nobody got time for that." Maybe you feel like you simply don't have enough time. I think you have more time than you think. If you don't believe me, try this one simple exercise recommended by Professor Robinson.

Professor John Robinson is a 74-year-old sociologist at the University of Maryland. He has been called the "father of time-use studies" in the United States. According to his research, he feels that most people have 30 hours of leisure time during their week. Leisure time can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but it is time you spend reading, watching TV, scrolling through social media, exercising, standing in line or anything you choose to do when you have no other commitments.

If 30 hours of leisure time seems like complete bologna to you, then I want you to try something this week. Write down on a piece of paper, or in an app on your phone, when you are doing a leisure activity. When you read, write, exercise, participate in a hobby, take a nap, scroll through Facebook, write it down. At the end of the week see how many hours you have totaled!

I actually decided to do this one week and the total amount of free time came to just over 28 hours. I spend an hour in the morning reading and praying, an hour most days working out, and an hour or so a day relaxing at night with my wife. Just those three activities put me at about 21 hours for the week. Yes, these hours are spoken for but they are leisure hours. They are activities that I chose to do.

Here's why this exercise was helpful for me. I have 168 hours in a week. I can't add or subtract any time to my week. Time is the great equalizer because we all have the same amount of time in a day. I spend much of my time each day eating, working, sleeping, and taking care of other responsibilities as a husband, father, and friend. With that said, it was good for me to know that I do get to choose what to do with some of my time. It's empowering to know that my life isn't just passing me by but that I have a say in where my time goes.

I choose to read my Bible and pray every day. I choose to workout almost every day. I choose to eat some popcorn and watch one show with my wife almost every day. I choose to spend an hour a week writing and commenting on this blog. I choose to hang out with each of my kids while doing something they enjoy. I am not too busy. I have enough time. It's good to know that I have enough time. It takes away the excuses of "I'm too busy" or "ain't nobody got time for that."

Try writing down how you spend your leisure hours during the next week. How much leisure time do you have in a week? I think the results will surprise you!

Until Monday, Josh

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