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Do you want what you want when you want it too?

You have heard it said that "patience is a virtue." I have always thought this to mean "waiting without complaining." Good things come to those who wait and so patience must be a good thing!

I've discovered that I want patience, but I don't want to be in a scenario that requires patience. I think I want patience, but I don't want to be patient. The culture definitely does not help my desire to be patient.

Fast food, Netflix, Amazon, the internet, and our smartphones give us access to all kinds of things instantly! Who needs patience when Amazon will ship your stuff in a couple of hours via drone? Have a question? Ask google now! Hungry? You don't have to cook because people will deliver freshly made food right to your door!

See what I mean? Nobody really wants to be patient. The fact of the matter is that we all want what we want when we want it. But I learned this past week that patience is a good thing, and good things come to those who wait.

I wrote a while ago that I use a planner to keep myself organized and it has been a useful tool for me. I choose to write in my planner with a pen. At first, I tried erasable pens but quickly discovered that I did not like them. My favorite pens of all time have been Tul pens and those have been working well for me. However, I realized a few weeks ago that I had some birthday money still burning a hole in my wallet. As a gift to myself, I decided that I would by a pen.

A quick internet search landed me at allegorygoods.com. After looking at the site for a while, I had decided on the pen that I wanted. The Workhorse Model R with olive wood that had been pruned off of trees in Bethlehem was my pen of choice. I ordered the pen on June 29th.

The cool thing about these pens is that they are all handmade and they are made to order. Once I ordered my pen, I sent an email asking if my pen could have more of the dark grain in it - I like the look of the darker grained olive wood. Someone responded quickly to my email and said that they had picked out a blank piece of wood that they thought I would like! I thought that was pretty cool customer service!

At this point, I was pumped about getting my new pen. Unfortunately, there was a problem. I had to wait. I had to be patient. I ordered a custom, handmade pen and I would have to wait for it to be crafted and shipped. I wanted it a few days after I ordered it but that was definitely not going to happen.

So I waited. A whole week went by and it hadn't been shipped.

So I waited. A few more days went by and it shipped, with a tracking number.

So I waited. A few more days went by and the tracking never updated. Where was my pen!?

So I waited. Two weeks from the day I ordered my pen, it finally began the journey to my house.

A few days later it arrived and that day is today! It took over 2.5 weeks to get here. But here's the thing: it's cool. It's really cool. You can see a picture up above just under the title. I like it. You, like my wife, may think I'm weird for liking a custom, handmade pen and that's ok! I use pens all the time and this one makes writing fun. Weird or not, I like it.

Oh yeah, there's more. They sent, along with the pen, a handmade leather sleeve, and a hand-written note. The note said, "Thanks for your patience, Josh! This heavily grained Olive takes a bit more care when turning." I am pretty sure they threw in a leather sleeve because they knew it was taking a while for me to receive my pen (that or they give one to everyone and they just don't mention it on their site).

Either way, I like my pen/sleeve and it was worth the wait. I also thought it was ironic that my request for a darker grained pen meant it would take even longer to make!

The point of the story is that it's good for us to be patient in an instant gratification culture. Let me rephrase; it's good for me to be patient in an instant gratification culture!

I would encourage you to be patient today. Be patient with your neighbors, your spouse, your children, your family, your friends, your walk with God, and with whatever new thing you just ordered off the internet. I truly believe that good things can come to those who wait.

Until Monday, Josh

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