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The Importance of an Extended Period of Recreation

Look at the picture above for a moment. Do you have any idea where this picture was taken? I can tell you that those feet belong to me and my family. We are 1353 feet off the ground and standing on some “unbreakable” glass. Do you have any ideas yet?

We were standing on the Skydeck in the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) in Chicago looking 1300 feet below.

We had spent the day taking a tour of Chicago on a double-decker bus. The kids wanted to sit on the second level of the bus because there was no roof and you could see so much of the city. We went to Navy Pier, Willis Tower, Soldier Field (even though I don't even like Da Bears), Adler Planetarium and so much more! This was all in ONE DAY!

I did not blog last Monday, for the first time in 2018, and it was because I took a vacation with my family. We left for vacation on Monday, July 30th, and returned home on Wednesday, August 8th. We camped about an hour outside of the city and made our way into Chicago a couple of times. We also went to Medieval Times in Schaumburg, did some shopping, went to the Museum of Science and industry, and ate at a few of Chicago's great restaurants - Portillo's and Giordano's to name a few.

We did a lot during these 10 days, but it was a refreshing and relaxing time as a family. I am glad we went.

When you Google the definition for the word vacation, this is what you find: an extended period of recreation. This word recreation means to enjoy an activity or to create something again. As a family, we enjoy camping. On our vacation, we did a lot of camping, meal making, swimming, mini-golfing, stick collecting, and s'more eating. We enjoyed activities together while creating memories centered around being a family.

This vacation was not expensive but worth the time and the money. It was an investment in my family.

I hope you were able to take a vacation sometime this summer or maybe you have one planned. My hope is that your vacation will be a time for you to enjoy an activity and to create something in your life again. Maybe it's a one day vacation, an afternoon, or a month long. You may go on vacation by yourself, with family, or with friends. Whatever you do I hope you make time in your life to enjoy life! I hope you make time to create again. Invest some time and money into yourself or your family. Go ahead and enjoy an extended period of recreation.

Did you go on a vacation this year or do you have plans to go on vacation? What is the value of a vacation to you?

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Until Monday, Josh

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