• Josh Carmody

Don't Forget

Sometimes we forget.

We forget to turn off the lights. We forget where we put our keys. We forget that we were twelve once. We forget to eat lunch. We forget to lock the front door. We forget to buy milk. We forget to put the milk away even though we remembered to buy it. We forget that our lives were once broken and dead but now alive in Christ!

I have been reading Rob Bell's book "What We Talk About When We Talk About God." You may have an opinion about Rob Bell but I think he is a great author. Let me share a single sentence with you from this book:

"And so when I talk about God, I'm talking about the Jesus who invited us to embrace our weakness and doubt and anger and whatever other pain and helplessness we're carrying around, offering it up in all of its mystery, strangeness, pain, and unresolved tension to God, trusting in the same way that Jesus's offering of His body and blood brings us new life, this present pain and brokenness can also be turned into something new."

Yes, that was one sentence.

Jesus has invited all of us to trust in Him and to trust Him with our entire life. When we give him our life he takes it and makes something new and beautiful.

I think it can be easy to go through life and forget about how good God is and all that He has done. When we were unlovable, and yes we all have been there, God loved us anyway. God, through his Son Jesus, has exchanged all of our pain and brokenness with His love and healing. His love transcends time, space, geography, and our attitude. God is madly in love with us, wants to make us new, and give us a life worth living.

1 John 4:9 (The Message) This is how God showed his love for us: God sent his only Son into the world so we might live through him.

Let's not forget what Jesus has done, or is currently doing, in our lives and as we continue to live for Him let's live with an expectation that our life with Christ will be better than what we know and experience right now.

Jesus wants to take your brokenness and offer healing. Jesus wants to take your desperation and offer hope. He wants to take your addictions and give you a desire for Him only. Let's trust Him with whatever struggles and pains we are carrying so that He can make us new!

The chances are good that you will forget about this blog post in the near future but I hope you never forget that you are loved by Jesus and that He has made you new and alive in Him.

Until Monday, Josh

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