• Josh Carmody

When Broken Toes Are Cool

It was a typical Thursday.

I was at the Fort Dodge Recreation Center and had just finished running a few miles and was feeling tired and sweaty but ready to lift. I was in the weight room, found an open bench, and started warming up.

I was looking for some weight to throw on the bar and I spotted a 45lb plate nearby. I began to pull the weight off the rack. Unfortunately, I didn't see the 25lb plate IN FRONT of the 45lb plate. It landed on my right foot, instantly flooding it with pain and filling my mind with angry thoughts. Not cool.

Here's what went through my mind immediately after dropping 25lbs, from about 40" up, directly onto my toes. Oh man, I hope no one saw that. Ouch. I wonder if I broke some toes. Ouch, it hurts to walk. Don't limp or that dude will think you're weak. Sup dude (head nod so he knows that I don't feel pain - cuz I'm a man). Ouch. Ouch. I think I broke something. I better go see what's left of my toes. I need a tissue.

I quickly found myself sitting in the men's locker room. My big toe was bleeding and the rest of my toes had started to swell. The good news was that the pain was beginning to subside and I decided to press on with the workout.

11 days later and my toes still hurt. I haven't done any riding, biking, lifting or much of anything exercise related since the incident. I am "resting" my foot. In fact, my foot is sitting in ice cold water right now and it feels amazing.

To be honest with you, I've been a little annoyed that I can't work out. I've wanted to, but it's probably best for my foot if I don't. And the worse part? It looks like I could be taking another week or two off because my toes are still puffy, swollen and sore. Still not cool.

With all of that said, there is a silver lining to this story; I miss working out.

Now before you ask, No, I didn't drop a weight on my head.

There was a time in my life when I would go for weeks, months, and potentially years without working out. During that time of my life, I would gain weight, feel tired, eat too much junk, and make fun of people who "ran for fun."

So even though I can't do too much right now, I know that a month off will not be the end of the world because I still have a desire to be healthy. I will still eat right, get plenty of sleep, have my devotions in the morning, and build legos with my kids. I will see this setback for what it is. It is an opportunity to rest my body, fill my spirit, spend more time with family, and finish some projects at work.

Now I think that's pretty cool.

How about you? When have setbacks in your life been opportunities in disguise?

Until Monday, Josh

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