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Serve Somebody

Mark 9:33–35 (NLT) "After they arrived at Capernaum and settled in a house, Jesus asked his disciples, 'What were you discussing out on the road?' But they didn’t answer, because they had been arguing about which of them was the greatest. He sat down, called the twelve disciples over to him, and said, 'Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.'"

The above passage of scripture was in my reading for today and it caused me to think about this idea of being a servant. Not so much what I have done to serve others but how others have graciously served me. I am so grateful for family and friends in my life who are so loving, giving, and generous.

A servant is, according to the Strong's Lexicon, 'devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests.' When you serve someone else, you are there for them and look out for their interests above your own. Jesus said it best when he said, "Whoever wants to be first must...be the servant of everyone else." And I think Bob Dylan sang it best when he sang, "You're gonna have to serve somebody."

My wife and I recently purchased and closed on a new (circa 1913) home here in Fort Dodge. We immediately went to work cleaning the home. Family and friends came out to help us clean and prepare our house for the furniture, boxes, pets, and humans that would soon be arriving. They sat on their knees and scrubbed our dirty floors! They served us in a helpful, practical, dirty, and painful way!

Some guys helped me move this last Friday. When I saw one of the guys on Sunday, I thanked them again for helping me out. You know he said? "No, thank you for asking me." Can you believe that? He thanked me for asking him to help me move! Did I mention there are somewhere around 35 stairs from the basement to the attic? We unloaded a 28' truck in one hour and hustled the entire time and he thanked me!

Talk about a servant! Talk about someone who gives up what he wants for the sake of someone else. He didn't care about the hard work, he was willing and happy to help!

When we finished with the move, it was time to eat. What did we have to eat? We had sloppy joe's, chips, veggies, brownies, and banana bars made by grandma. We ate well. It was her housewarming gift to us. She cooked and baked food that she would not eat so the guys who helped me would have a good meal.

Oh yeah, that truck we used to move? We borrowed it from a friend for the entire week! How kind and generous! He drove it around for us and made sure that everything was in working condition. He even stopped what he was doing one night to move the truck from my old place.

As I sit here tonight and look at all of the boxes that need to be unpacked, I am thankful for all those who chose to serve my family. It has made this past week much more enjoyable and has caused me to have a deeper level of gratitude.

When have you been in awe of someone who had humbly and graciously served you?

Until Monday, Josh

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