• Josh Carmody

Blessed Are The Flexible

"Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape."

No, that isn't a beatitude. It's not even in the Bible. It was something that I remember my mom saying quite often. It's good advice and on days like this, it is needed.

Our family recently moved into a home. As foster parents, moving into a new home means more work! Applications, paperwork, and floor plans of our house (all four levels) are required. I spent about four hours today putting up smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, locking up paint and other harmful substances, and writing out those awful floor plans. It would have been nice to put boxes away, unpack, fix some things, but that didn't happen. So ten days after moving into the house, DHS came to visit.

Thankfully we passed with flying colors, but four hours of my day went to the preparations! I had wanted to spend some time doing yard work while the sun was out, but that didn't happen either because of the DHS visit. Okay, fine. I will finish the yard work another day. Either that or it will snow. I'm good either way.

As today continued, it was time to take my daughter to her piano lessons. No problem. I drove Madison to her lesson, put the car into park, and turned it off. 20 minutes later I tried to start the car. I say tried because it wouldn't start. The dashboard lights came on and flashed on and off, but the car did not start. Alicia, aka Super Mom, came to my rescue. She got to work and the rest of us went home for some supper.

I am writing this post while waiting for my hybrid to get a jump-start (didn't know you could jump-start a hybrid) or towed to the mechanic. Not gonna lie, it's kind of annoying.

This day didn't turn out as expected. It's days like these that I am reminded to remain flexible. Plans rarely go like I think they will. Today could have been a "bent out of shape" kind of day, but I've been pretty flexible. That is a miracle. You can ask Super Mom, she'll tell you the same thing.

How about you? When plans don't go your way, do you find yourself being flexible or bent out of shape?

Until Monday, Josh

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