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We Desired More.

Over the course of the last year, my wife and I were looking for a different house to call our home. We looked at a few properties in town and made some low offers. Low might not even be the right word. I think the right word is offensive. Yeah, we made offensive offers. How do I know they were offensive? The first seller responded with "Let us know when you have a serious offer on the table." Rude. The second seller responded with a simple "offer rejected." Alrighty then.

As time went on, we stayed in our home and saved money each month. We sold our rental house here in town and added the proceeds to our savings. The rental had served us well for about four years and the time was right to sell.

One Sunday, after church, Alicia (my wife) and I went and looked at a brick home. It only took 10 seconds before we realized we wanted this house. We took our time and walked through the house. We ran water and flipped switches. We looked in the closets and in all the nooks and crannies of the basement. When we left the house we spent some time thinking and praying about our next move.

We decided to put an offer on the home and it was not offensive! The house was well priced, a rarity in older homes, and we were not the only ones to submit an offer that day. It was time to wait and see what the sellers would say.

On Monday, we heard the sellers were wanting to work with us! We negotiated a price. As part of the negotiation, we needed to sell our home to buy the new one. We put our house on the market on Tuesday. By Thursday night, we had negotiated a selling price!

We moved into our new home on Friday, November 2nd and we really enjoy this new, built in 1913, home.

Austin and Maddison have their own bedrooms. We have a bedroom that can accommodate a couple of foster kiddos. We have a wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors, pocket doors, and built-in cabinets. The house has 3 garage stalls, tons of character (nice way to say everything is old), plenty of space to entertain guests and family, and almost 50 windows to clean! The south side of the home faces a wooded area where we watch deer, squirrels, and birds.

Why am I telling you all of this today?

1. Patience is a virtue. Alicia and I wanted a different house and in our impatience often tried to make something happen. I drove by one of the houses that we made an offer on and I am so glad that we have this house instead. Waiting was a good thing.

2. God desires to bless us (this includes you). Shortly after Alicia and I were married (almost 14 years ago), we sat down and wrote out what we were wanting in a house. Since that time we bought three houses. None of those houses came close to what we had written down. This house checks off almost every single item we had on that list. It took almost 14 years, which speaks again to patience, but God has blessed us with this house.

3. I bought this home because it is more. People ask me, "Oh you bought a new house. Is it bigger?" Yes, it is definitely bigger but that was not the main reason for buying this house. We wanted a house where we could do MORE. We wanted a place where we could take care of more foster kids. We wanted a place that would give our kids more opportunity to run, play, and make memories. We wanted a place that would entertain more people. We wanted a place that would foster more relationships.

Yes, we were looking for bigger. But really we desired more.

Until Monday, Josh

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