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Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins

"Nobody wins unless everybody wins." Bruce Springsteen

You have probably heard this quote, or something similar, a time or two. I have also heard it phrased, "No one wins until we all do." The message behind this quote is clear, "Cooperation, not competition, is the key to winning." Cooperation defined is "the process of working together to the same end" (Google definition).

Saying that cooperation is the key to winning may seem wrong, but it's right. For example, look no farther than the key leaders in the United States right now. Fighting, competing, bickering, and empty threats have lead to the longest government shutdown in history. Who's winning? No one. Our nation's political divide is only growing wider. The finger pointing is only getting worse. Thousands of people aren't receiving paychecks. Meanwhile, we look like a nation who can't keep their house in order. You call that winning?

That is not winning. Why? No one wins until we all do.

Cooperation, not competition, is the key to winning. The process of working together to achieve an end result is the key to winning.

Now please, this is not a political post. I am not interested in arguing and debating politics with you. I would lose. Soundly. Please hear the message behind this post, "Cooperation, not competition, is the key to winning."

You can apply this to many areas in your life.

When I was training for a marathon, a buddy ran with me. He was not my competition. He was my cooperation. There was no way I could run three hours every Saturday morning for eight weeks straight without help. We were working together in order to achieve the same end. We wanted to finish a marathon and because of cooperation, it happened.

In my role as a pastor of a church, there is pressure to compete with other churches and organizations. Pressure to be bigger and better than everyone else. I refuse to compete but instead choose to cooperate. What does that look like? We pray for churches, send offerings, write notes, and work together organizing events and ministry opportunities. Churches don't need more competition, we need more cooperation so the message of Christ's love to this world will advance and grow exponentially.

The Bible has shaped my perspective over the years and learning the difference between an infinite game and a finite one has helped too. More on that next week.

Until Monday, Josh

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