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Facebook, Slow Dancing, and Butterfly Kisses

I think Facebook hates me.

A little too dramatic for a Monday? Let me explain. Have you ever opened up Facebook only to see that Facebook cares about you and the memories you share on Facebook? They show you a picture from a time in the past because they 'care' about you. Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong.

When Facebook shares a memory, it normally involves one or both of my kids. I guess one time it was a huge stack of 40 pizza boxes whose contents were devoured by 150 hungry teenagers. Other than that one random memory, it's mostly pictures of my kids and family.

The problem with being reminded of this is that a flood of emotions hit me at that moment. Actually, it's less like a flood and more like a semi-emotionally-constipated trickle. Either way, thoughts come rushing to my mind.

I see how small the kids were and wonder just exactly when they got so big! They were riding bikes with training wheels, which are long gone now. Pictures of Austin and Maddie, and Alicia, catching WAY MORE fish than me. I could go on, but you get the idea.

My contemplative thoughts get the best of me and thoughts of not giving them enough time or attention fill my mind. How are they so old already? Am I spending enough time with them? Am I a good father or an ok dad? Like I said...

Facebook hates me.

But something happened last night that silenced this brain of mine. Madison, my almost 10-year-old, and I went to the Daddy Daughter Dance. This sugar-inducing-coma of a night has become a yearly tradition in the Carmody household. She picks out her dress, does her hair, wears a pretty flower, picks out my clothes, and decides where we are going to eat afterward. It's a blast.

We were dancing to "Butterfly Kisses," one of the few appropriate slow dance songs to dance to and the only one that uses the name of Jesus in a good way, and she asked what this song was about. I could feel the trickle of emotions coming over me.

Fighting back a tear or two, my response was simple, "It's about a dad who loves his daughter, watches her grow up, and gives her away on her wedding day. It's a good song, except for the fact that it's country 'music', and someday I will dance with you on your wedding day." Her response was simple too, "Ok. When will this song be over?" Sentimental moment over.

The rest of the night was great. Lots of selfies (with duck lips of course) food, dancing, and laughing.

The point of this post today? Life's short. Don't worry about the past or what is or what isn't. Enjoy the time you have now with who you have in your life now. Make memories today.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Fictional character Ferris Bueller said that. It was also the motto of the FDSH graduating class of 2000, for what it's worth.

Take a minute to stop and look around.

Make new memories.

Your past is now in Facebook's hands, but Facebook's got nothing on your future.

Until Monday, Josh

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