• Josh Carmody

This Post Wasn't Going To Write Itself

It's March 25th and the first quarter of 2019 is already coming to a close. Did you set a resolution, or better yet a goal, when this year first began? Maybe you set a goal to read a book, exercise, learn a new skill, spend more time with the family, or save some money. Whatever it was, have you made any progress toward that goal?

I set a few goals for 2019, and progress has been made toward a couple of these goals. For example, I was going to read 12 books on leadership this year. I completed my fourth book last week and thing are looking good for that goal.

On the flip side, there are many goals where I have put in no effort. I was thinking about why this was happening. Am I lazy? Is it a bad goal? Has my vision for the year changed? Nope. Well, what's the problem? What do I need to do to turn this around? Turns out it's a pretty simple answer.

I have to begin.

William Wordsworth, awesome name, said, "To begin, begin."

Easy to understand. Difficult to do.

Take today's blog post for example. I opened Grammarly and stared at my screen, but nothing was coming to mind. When an idea popped into my brain I just sat there, staring at the screen. This happened a few times until I wrote something down.

The secret was I had to begin. This post wasn't going to write itself. Time continued to tick on, whether I wrote anything or not.

Life continues to move forward, whether we progress on our goals or not. That's why we end up setting the same goal year after year. We like the idea of completing the goal but we don't know how to begin. We become busy, scared, overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated and we find reasons not to begin.

My encouragement for us today is to push past all of the excuses and begin. If not today, when?

"To begin, begin."

Until Monday, Josh

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