• Josh Carmody

Nothing Is The Best Something

Dirt, mud, rocks, gravel pit, tents, sleeping bags, one port-o-potty, diesel-soaked bonfires, ponds, fishing, swimming, hiking, climbing, bible study, eating, exploring, dirtbikes, and thousands of frogs made up the father and son retreat.

Austin and I had the opportunity to hang out together in nature for almost 24 hours last weekend at the retreat. There was no electricity, no running water, and no hand washing. Luckily there were ponds. And what was inside those ponds? Thousands of tadpoles and frogs. They were everywhere.

From the moment we arrived, Austin and I were on the hunt for some frogs. We walked almost 10 miles on Friday looking for frogs, and we were successful. My Dunkin Donuts cup became a frog sanctuary. Austin thought that the frogs would receive a warm welcome back home. I assured him that they would not be a welcomed addition to our home.

We did a lot of other fun things besides catching the frogs. We sat around campfires and met new friends. We looked in the Bible about the importance of the father and son relationship. We ate delicious food that was catered in by Hy-Vee. Had they not shown up we would have been eating frog legs for sure! We went on a late night hike, looked at the stars, played football, and rolled around in the dirt. It was good, clean, and filthy fun.

We were both sad when it was time to leave, but we were ready to go home. We were tired and dirty. It was great.

Austin and I got along great that whole time. He didn't ask for electronics, and he didn't ask "what was next" every 5 minutes. I let him play in the mud, stay up late, get dirty, and explore. It was awesome.

This retreat was time spent with my son that he and I will remember for a long time. We didn't do all that much, but we had fun together. Could I have been doing something else? Yeah, for sure. There are always projects to start or finish, and there are other demands for my time, but time with my 8-year-old son is precious and won't wait. I've noticed that he only gets older with every passing day. It's weird how that works.

Sometimes doing a whole lot of nothing is the best something you can do.

Until Monday, Josh

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