• Josh Carmody

The Point of No Return

Do you remember when I was telling you about that leaky pipe in my bathroom? You can read about it here. Well, after coming home from our relaxing vacation it was time to do some demo in the two bathrooms.

The old pipe needed to go and the walls had to be opened up to get to the pipe. Toilets and sinks were disconnected and thrown away. Walls started to come down, and the pipe was becoming visible. Such wonderful progress in a few short hours.

A couple of hours into demolition, I looked at my wife and said, “Are we past the point of no return?” She just smiled, laughed at me, and said, “Uh, yeah.” There was no going back to the bathrooms we once knew. Those bathrooms were gone forever. We had to move forward with our plan for the bathrooms.

During the other 10 hours of demo, I was thinking about that phrase, “the point of no return.” You can apply it to many different things in life.

Rollercoasters are not my favorite thing in the world. If you can convince me to get on one you’ve done well. Do you know what the worst part of a roller coaster is for me? The peak of the hill where you know that what goes up, must come down. Sometimes there’s a sign on those peaks. What does the sign say? The ones I’ve seen say “the point of no return.”

Have you ever been in a heated conversation and a little voice tells you to bite your tongue? You want to say something, you know it’s mean, but you are pretty sure it will win you the argument. Then all of a sudden, without warning, it comes flying out of your mouth. You realize that you won the argument, but it might have cost you that relationship. It’s the point of no return.

Maybe you have felt like your life had been demolished at one time and was past the point of no return. For whatever reason, you felt like you were too far gone. The damage was too great and there was no hope for a better future. The truth is that we can’t rebuild our lives on our own. We can’t repair what’s been destroyed. We can’t come back from the point of no return.

It’s at that moment that you realize that you are in need of a power greater than yourself. In Jesus’ eyes, you are never too far gone. He can do in a moment what we can’t do in a lifetime. In an instant, He can bring us back from the point of no return. All we have to do is put our trust in Him

Now, if only my bathrooms could be restored in a single moment...

Until Monday, Josh

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